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Feel free to comment, praise, bitch, whine, complain, ask questions… anything you want to write, write here. Apologies if I don’t reply- Regardless of how it seems on this blog, I DO have a life that DOES require my attention. So… yeah. Have fun…

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22 Responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Peace people

    We love you

  2. weeeeee guestbook~!
    mmmm i like the glowy bits on your desktop background. and it hour or so to complete that? me thinks it’s cool~ ^_^
    can’t wait to see you!! *hyper hyper hyper*

  3. Yes, it took an hour
    because I’m still a photoshop noob >_>
    -but glad you like it ^_^

    — NiXXi

  4. Referring to your recent post on bleach and humid hk…
    (1) it IS summer in hk already… effing 27 deg C. with humidity of 87% today.
    (2) can’t wait to see your professionally done hair ^o^


  5. i looove the new widget!!!

  6. Isn’t it the BOMB!?
    Been waiting for something like this for a while
    Glad wordpress finally got sommin like it ^_^

    — SpAZbub

  7. I Love you girls


  8. Hi Nikky

    This is your father’s friend J Lee. I know boring old people, but I was cleaning my mailbox and found this linkk proudly sent by your old man and its amazing!! Glad to see what you are up to and all this creative stuff you are churning out. Keep up the good work and maybe see you this summer.

  9. thanks, yeah, I haven’t been keeping it updated much since summer began though >_

  10. Re: your beerday present


    and yeah, HAPPY 19TH BEERDAY. Can’t wait for you to be 21. (Then I don’t have to drive, you be the driver!!!) We have to do Vegas dahlin. On the eve of your birthday, we have to do 21 things. Below is my list: (Feel free to suggest or add on to the list people!)

    1. Go up to ICE bar (yeah where you have to wear a winter coat in the middle of the desert) and buy yourself your first ever alcohol drink. (Legally anyways) 😛 YAY!
    2. Play Blackjack (yeah 21, excuse the pun) and hopefully win
    3. If you win then, you will buy 21 useless things just in keeping with the theme. 21 pinatas? Teehee (Of course if you lost, we need a plan B)
    4. I’m tapped out LOL


  11. OMG~!! LOVELY comp!!!
    *envies* 😀

  12. hehehe desho? hahahah

    — SpAZbub

  13. Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
    Good site ! 😉

  14. Awesome post

  15. Hey whats up just thought i would check out the site not to many members have them you know.. >:-)


    GNA Game Nurdz Allways

  16. OOooh look, tis Sappy!

    hah, yeah it’s really something to let me… release all my destructively creative, hazardous materials that form in my head- no one really reads it hahah

    but yes, roam, roam, and beware of the music… it’ll make your brain explode- and not in a good way >_<

    _SpAZ (or Pec)

  17. OMG cool a web thing … you people ever heard of Earthling? PS- If a bunch of random anime fans swarm this site, it’ll be my fault

  18. I stumbled across your site…pretty awesome just wanted to point out! (Was looking for info on Bakuretsu Tenshi). Your shirts are damn awesome [especially that loser one…kinda wanna know where you picked that one up!) and uhhh….that chick in the yui pictures is hot! <__> That’s all!

    P.S. Liked the music too ^_^.

  19. As i sit here, attempting to think of something profound, i am un able to come up with anything. Tis to wonderous to be eaqualed by words spoken by someone like me, for i can only watch in awe and envy. And since i am un-able to draw, or write or sing or play, i shall leave one of the few cretive things i have.

    Take away the mystery in life,
    and what is left….
    That is what i seek.

  20. Again sitting here, so many things questions topics concerns worries comments… simply amazing every time i come here i find something interesting and cool

  21. LMAO ZOMG it acuatlly loaded hahaha now i see what you and ichi are talking about ahhaha

  22. lmao isn’t it the most adorable thing like… EVAR?!?!


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