About Nix.Inc.

Once upon a time, there was a girl called NiXXi.  One day she decided she needed a new e-mail address because **************@hotmail.com was incredibly stupid and annoyingly ‘pre-teen’.  So she decided upon ‘nixpaztix’ to fit her nature.

Then Nixxi decided she enjoyed website-design and eventually got into that which is referred to as ‘blogging’.  Claiming the pseudo domain name ‘nixpaztix’ she decided it needed a little more… something something.  So she slapped an ‘Incorporated’ on the end to make it look cool.  Thus, Nix. Inc. came into reality… or at least Nixxi’s reality.

After a few years of god-knows what the company does, Nix decided to take on a partner that complimented her… personality to help her manage… well, pretty much everything.  SpAZbub came into creation when a high school classmate decided to try and give Nix an even shorter nickname (yeah, I noticed it didn’t exactly work out as planned).

From then on, together, NiXXi and SpAZbub have joined forces with the hopes of taking over the world… or at least the internet.  NiXXi chose the path of a pirate, SpAZbub the path of the ninja.

Nowadays everything’s copyrighted
© …See what I mean?

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