Naruto FanArt – Hatake Miyuki

I drew a rough sketch of some ninja while waiting for lunch one day. It ended up looking extremely familiar. Thus, Hatake Miyuki was born. I dunno whether she’s supposed to be related to Kakashi… or y’know, just Kakashi as a female but either way, Kakashi is– and always will be– made of pure WIN.

Here’s scrappy:

Pencil Sketch


I did put it in PhotoShop and line and color it from there.


Black & White

Color [Final]


I did notice that in the pencil sketch her left leg was waay too long. I cheated an adjusted it in PhotoShop. I tried to get the colors as close to the right shades as possible. I think they’re ok. Also, I know the kunai is puny but BAH anyone related/that is a female kakashi can do fine without weapons anyhow.



I didn’t give Miyuki Sharingan. So… maybe I leaned closer to her just being related to Kakashi. I gave her a red glow, border and text though o_O. Y’know what else is red? My eyes… Eugh, it’s 5 in the morning now >_< I need to rest my eyes… must have drank three too many cans of Red Bull–.


And I am SOOOO not a Naru-tard -_-;


Ja, mata ne ~


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