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Falis and Alita confront Kaito and Cecilia in a final battle for world domination. Or at least, the domination of Forland. Falis plans on using Teoria to switch her and Alita back to their own bodies. Kaito however has other plans for Teoria. Cecilia is still evil. Kaito gains the upper hand but Falis can still stop him– however, it may cost her a minion or two.

Yeah, I’m sorry for the sucky summary. I just finished the drafts for Claymore 12, 13 and 14. I’m tired, hungry and I still have to screen. I know, but I do have a life– Nix just tired of seeing no updates on this stupid blog and has been on my ass about it forever so yeah.

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Warning: Major Spoilers, lots and lots of typos… because I’m tired.

Falis, Alita and co. are hiding out in Dr Onion-head’s old lab. Pete is getting the loli-twinz prepped and ready for battle.

A little later, Falis and Alita have a little tea-break and discuss the impending battle that tomorrow brings. After explain the plan that is basically that they’ll strike when the lights go out, Falis brings up the topic that no matter what happens, she will be forced to fight Alita’s brother. She asks if Alita is ready for this. Alita says she is the the two call each other by their real names for the first time in 5 episodes. It was kinda sweet.

Pretty soon, the lights go out and Falis, Alita and co. make their move. After getting past the 2 guards at the gate, they sneak in, only to find more guards. What’d you expect? this is a CASTLE we’re talking about, ruled by wimpy-ass Kaito-pretty-boy. Ana points out that just killing the guards to get them out of the way should be easy but apparently killing is against the rules today. Falis assigns Pete and Yuna to hold off the guards while the rest of them continue on to find Prince Wimpness and Evil Magician Chick.

Speaking of Princess Kaito, he’s in a room of his own staring out of a window, probably contemplating on whether or not he should wear his heels tonight. On the other side of his room, his big-ass sword (that I have now come to realize is just big to make up for size elsewhere) starts to glow red. I guess that means something is wrong, so he dons his dark armor… and heels… and we see his not-so-cool-now red eye.

Meanwhile, the group has been cut off again. This time Dominikov and Ana opt to stay behind. HAHA, midgets against like… a dozen guards, how I wish we could stay and watch that fight. But yeah, after Falis, Alita and Jodo take off, Dominikov reminds Ana firmly that there is strictly no killing. I guess mortally wounding is good enough for her.

it isn’t long before Falis and Alita themselves are stopped. It’s not by guards but by Cecilia herself. Sure it takes Falis calling out for her to come out of hiding first but it’s generally the same idea. Falis demands to know why Cecilia basically wiped out her entire village. Cecilia replies that it was basically to test out her power (meaning her flashy wand). BLLLEEEEEEP, wrong answer, now you must die.

Falis attacks Cecilia but is blocked by some shield made by the magician’s wand. She is thrown backwards but advances again. Cecilia continues to pull a zeus toss lightning-bolt after lighting-bolt at Falis but all miss. Falis once against swungs her katana at Cecilia but it’s blocked again, this time, the magician ducks and delivers a pat– yes.. a PAT– to Falis’ side. Talk about magic hands. Falis topples over in pain but not before lashing out once more.

We see that she managed to slice and break Cecilia’s um… collar… piece of jewelry thing. Didn’t look too expensive though >_>. Falis makes some tough-girl comment about how she won’t go down so easily or something. Cecilia scoffs before taking her wand to finish the job. Falis notices that in order to use the wand, some power is taken from a gem embedded in Cecilia’s chest. it’s transferred to the wand in order to use it’s powers. Like the power to strike Falis with what looks and sounds like thousands of volts of electricity. Her screaming is prety convincing actually.

Alita decides to play hero again and pitches the toy Milano gave her right at Cecilia. It doesn’t hit it’s target but it distracts her enough for her wand’s effect to wear off and for Alita and Jodo to sneak Falis away. But no worries– at least not for Cecilia because there’s only really one place they’d head for. Any guesses? Anyone? You, there with the green hat…

Oooh, no I’m afraid Pizza Hut is the incorrect answer. They 3 of them head to the door to Teoria. Jodo explains that it should be okay if Alita and Falis get inside and close the door from the inside. Cecilia and Princess Kaito would have no way to enter since Alita’s body = Falis is the key. Unfortunately before they can prove this, Jodo is hit in the back with the lightning bolt, Princess Kaito has Falis and Cecilia manages to catch a squirming Alita. After Kaito mumbles something about never have knowing that the two of them had switched bodies, he uses Falis to open the door. Hmmm, another pretty light show.

Once inside, Princess Kaito puts Falis on some alter and begins activating Teoria. Alita is handcuffed- with pretty glowy pink handcuffs (how kinky)– to a pillar, unable to get free. Some pretty light patters appear on Falis’ face and Teoria begins to light up. It’s prettier than I thought it would be– albeit looking a lot like something out of a Star Trek episode. Alita asks Kaio why he’s doing this and he gives some lame-ass speech about wanting to destroy the messed up world. Okay, the world is different from your puny little head… you self absorbed idiot.


luckily for Alita… and I guess, the rest of the world too, before Princess Kaito can press the big red button (and it really is a big button, it’s blue but it’s shiny and it controls the fate of the world) Falis wakes up from her little nap and decides to kick Kaito’s ass once and for all. Her attention is diverted by Cecilia however since everyone knows, including her, that Kaito’s a helpless wimp. Besides, it’s not as if Falis would mind fighting smexy magic lady instead of bulky pathetic brother.

Outside, Pete, Ana, Yuna and Dom have caught up with Jodo, still lying on the floor. They ask where Falis and Alita are. Okay, and I thought I was stupid. Where ELSE would they be? Jodo tells them that they’re inside the room and with the door closed they can’t do much but wait.

Back inside where things are interesting, Cecilia is stil throwing bolts at Falis who is still dodging like crazy unable to get close. While within a cloud of smoke, Falis throws a dagger at Cecilia who easily dodges it. Too bad it was a distraction since Falis uses the moment to run up to her and stab Cecilia’s gem (located in the middle of her chest). Okay, Cecilia fast-forwards in time aging hundreds of years in a couple of seconds. So much for sexy magician chick– now s’more like old wrinkly fart that bursts into tiny glowing dust particles. Now, when we cut back to Falis, she’s covered in blood. Interesting, last time I checked, glowing does doesn’t bleed o_O

Anyhow, this releases Alita from her kinky pinky handcuffs. Unfortunately Kaito manages to push the big blue button and Alita asks him again why the world needs to be destroy and again he replies with the same-old, lame-old speech. Yeah, it’s not really even worth mentioning. The fight he picks with Falis afterwards… now that’s worth mentioning and they say pictures are worth thousands of words. Well, here ya go (this of course has nothing to do with the fact I’m too lazy to write anymore).

After getting a couple of lucky shots in, Kaito manages to down Falis again. He continues his stupid raving about how the world is gonna be destroyed. Geez, not only is he wimpy and self-absorbed… he’s also emo… ugh. Thank god Falis once against decides to kick his ass– this time for real. her eyes tell me she’s in berserker mode and ready to shed some royal blood… that of course, isn’t Alita’s. Prepare yourself Katio-hime, you’re about to get your dark knighted ass handed to you.

Fortunately for Kaito, Unfortunately for us, Falis stops short of killing him. She then explains the reason she wants to protect Forland and the rest of the world for that matter. She states that there’s a certain princess that would give up everything to save her people and that alone makes the world worth saving. Awwww, that’s has gotta be the cheesiest, corniest, most adorable line Falis could EVER say.

Since Kaito is either too lazy, too stupid or too weak to do anything else, Falis fusses over Teoria’s panel with Alita, asking if there’s any way it can be stopped. It can’t– well that’s what I thought but then Jodo bursts in and tells Falis that she can stop it but in doing so, everything associated with Teoria and the old world would disappear along with it. Aww, that means bye-bye Pete, bye-bye Dom and bye-bye loli-twinz T_T.

Dominikov tells Falis that they’ve been in the world long enough and tells her to do it. As if it wasn’t heart-wrenching already, seeing Falis all teary-eyed made me weepy too T_T

Well, with Cecilia dead, Kaito– I dunno what happened with Kaito and the rest of Forland secure under ‘Princess Alita’s rule, Falis continues to serve as princess and Alita as her maid until they can find another way to switch themselves back. Tch, if you ask me, the both of them are happy right where they are.

The episode ends with Falis protecting the kingdom from an invading army and the voice over saying something corny about why Falis a.k.a Princess Alita of Forland is called ‘Murder princess’.

Additional Rantings:
The ending was a complete cop-out. The episode was pretty, very eye-catching and I applaud Bee Train for it but the ending was a total cop-out. WTF happened with Kaito… actually, I don’t care. Cecilia died too fast, Dominikov left, the twinzes didn’t get to say much of anything abou disappearing off the face of the Earth and what pissed me off the most. NO YURI ending. BEH, whatever, it’s Bee Train. All the mutha fuckers do is brain-fuck you then leave you with absolutely jack shit. I’m irritated can you tell? but I liked the anime, it wasn’t a waste of time.

Ja, mata ne ~


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