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Forland celebrates Kaito’s return and prepare to have him take his rightful place on the throne. Falis and Alita become aware that his return marks the end of their pact and that Falis needs to move on. She’ll leave and once she finds a way to body switch them back, she’ll return to do so. Kaito acts suspicious and Falis finds out a little more about Alita and her royal family’s secret.

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Warning: Major Spoilers, traditional Bee-Train mind-fuck

The Forland Palace is holding a party. The rich and famous have gathered to greet Kaito and wish him good luck and shit for his coming ruler-ship. Falis is seated next to him while he meets and greets everyone. She sees how endless the line of people is and well… isn’t exactly the happiest bounty-hunter-trapped-in-a-princess’-body.

Elsewhere, Dominikov explains to Alita the plan that Falis will leave until she finds a way to switch them back. Alita agrees with the plan but mentions she’ll be lonely. Aww.

Later, it seems Falis has managed to slip away from the welcome-back-Kaito-sama party. She’s lying on the bed in the Princess’ room and daydreaming… er… night dreaming really- only without the sleeping.

She’s interrupted by Jodo when he and the others come looking for her. She hides though, above the bed where only Dominikov sees her- weird since he isn’t the shortest… actually no, Jodo is but that’s besides the point isn’t it?

Falis then goes for a nighttime stroll. She’s carrying Alita’s doll though- y’know, the one she broke and stuff? Again she’s interrupted however, this time by Kaito. (Back in the throne room, Jodo’s going crazy >_< What troublesome siblings ^_^)

Kaito hugs Falis and wishes her luck during her travels outside Forland. He warns her to be careful, I guess he must have said it strangely since Falis gets somewhat suspicious all of a sudden before agreeing she’ll take care of herself.

At that point Dominikov and Pete find Falis and Kaito walking away from her. Dominikov mentions something about Falis falling for him which she denies. of COURSE she does.

Jodo and Alita are back in the throne room. Jodo’s going on and on about how troublesome the siblings are (Hey I said that!). Kaito comes back however and tells him that the Princess is in her room and requests to allow her to rest.

Alita excuses herself from the throne room to go check on Falis herself.

I guess Kaito wasn’t lying. Falis is in the Princess’ room. She’s gone back to remembering all her moments with Alita. Wtf the is THAT all about >_>. She’s got a piece of paper in her hand- probably a goodbye note or something. She places it down on a table near Alita’s porcelain doll. Before she can leave the room her door opens from the outside.

Meanwhile Alita’s running down the hall towards the bedroom and opens it only to find it empty. She sees the note on the table and reads it. It was a goodbye note… well, and an apology note fro breaking the little doll thing. Alita hugs it and wonders where Falis has gone off to.

A different tall, dark and mysterious is leading Falis down a hall that looks similar to a place Jodo was walking in the beginning of the previous episode. The two of them reach a big door and tall, dark and mysterious tells Falis Prince Kaito is waiting for her behind it. Falis already knows that tall dark and mysterious is probably leading her to a trap but before she can do anything she’s grabbed by the hand and it’s pushed onto the door which gives a pretty light show!

Falis then flips tall, dark and mysterious around and holds her by the neck from behind, demanding to know what’s going on. She’s forced to let go when a pretty purple flame bursts out of nowhere, between them. Apparently, tall, dark and mysterious is a magician.

Dominikov and Pete find Falis’ disappearance suspicious as well. They notice a trail of oil on the ground leaving the room and decide to follow it. They hit a dead end though and Alit reveals the wall to be a secret door.

They’d better hurry because Falis hasn’t got her sword and tall, dark magician lady has a pretty sick fire coming out of her hands aimed at Falis’ head. She comments on how quick Falis moves for a princess. I think Falis has a flashback and decides to go on the offensive, jumping at magician lady. Magician lady has stuff up her sleeve though see. She whips out some fancy looking device and decides to zap the living crap outta Falis.

Oh wait, I correct myself, NOW is when Falis has her flashback.

Luckily for Falis, Alita, Dominikov and Pete show up. Pete throws some smoke bomb that disrupts the zappy-zappy that’s messing Falis up. Alita throws Falis her katana and she attacks magician lady again. This time she manages to slice apart her fancy wand-blaster thing which causes it to explode. Falis and the gang run out to avoid the blast.

As Falis, Alita and company run down the hall they’re stopped when Onion-head and Robo-loli-twins show up. They tell Falis that they’ve finally found the door they’ve been looking for and all that’s left is to take the Princess’ body.

Just as the professor is about to explain more on exactly why they’ve been hell bent on capturing ‘Princess Alita’, he gets a sword shoved through his chest. Dayum, that had to hurt. Apparently the Dark Knight (which is what I shall call him) y’know, the dude with the badass armor and red eye? Yeah well, he’s the one who skewered poor Onion-head. Anyhow, the twins go ape-shit and decide to attack the Dark Knight only to be slash and hack, rendered unable to move.

The Dark Knight has his whole big, dark, ominous moment before magician lady shows up, caught up with them and tells them she’s getting bored and wants to skip right to the part where she destroys their very beings. At this point everyone’s like, ‘who the fuck’re you?’ so she takes off the hood of her cloak. Turns out she’s the one stalking the Prince and Princess during the parade of Kaito’s return.

Falis has another scary flashback and demands to know exactly who she is. Actually, s’more like she doesn’t care coz she just tells her she’s gonna be killing her anyhow.

Falis launches herself at magician lady but is intercepted by the Dark Knight. He blocks her attack and throws her against the wall which she pushes off of and continues to try to get past him. Fails pretty much each and every time though.

One of her attempts, we see something funky happen with the Dark Knight’s sword and he manages to throw Falis off then shoulder-barge her. Magician lady then tells her that the Dark Knight’s sword is imbued with her magic and that Falis’ katana cannot beat it.

The Dark Knight then does a flashy move (literally) and sends Falis through the wall into the throne room where all the guests are hanging out. Alita runs to Falis’ side and immediately starts yelling at magic lady and the Dark Knight telling them that Prince Kaito would never stand for their actions. She starts calling for him.

Magic lady laughs at her and tells her that she doesn’t need to call for him, he’s already there. And it’s reveal that Prince Kaito IS the Dark Knight [GASP!!!!!] didn’t see THAT coming!!!

Alita really didn’t either. Something else she didn’t expect was to be turned on and accused of being in cahoots with Professor Akamashi and traitors to Forland. He sics the castle guards on Alita and her friends. Luckily Dominikov and Pete still have some spray cans left and use them for covers to get away.

Oh and magic lady’s name is Cecilia we learn.

The next day, Kaito is being crowned ruler of Forland. The evil lil bitch. In the mean time, Alita, Falis and co. have been chased out of Forland and are hiding in the nearby mountains. Oh noez!!! Just when everything was getting better!

Oh well, at least Falis and Alita now have more time to spend together >_>

Apart from that, things don’t look so good people
S’not looking good at all >_<

Additional Rantings:
Things happened so damn fast in this episode. It was like WHAAAA Falis has to leave, WAAAAAH Who’s leading Falis away down a dark corridor?! WAAAAAH it’s evil magician lady?!!!? WAAAAAH Onion-head goes bye bye, WAAAAAAAAHHH Dark Knight = Alita’s older brother.. okay well I knew the dark Knight was gonna be Kaito but the who flip-things-around-so-Falis-and-co.-are-the-bad-guys thing… didn’t really see that one coming… hmmm… things should get a little interesting me thinks- not that they weren’t already…

Next Episode: ‘Destiny’
Alita and Falis are still on the run. They get in good with some travelling performers. Alita explains her link to whatever lies beyond the green door (Hahah… that’s a fun game that one). Ahem, Dominikov and Pete have their time to shine and Kaito runs away like the lil bitch he is. You saw NOTHING! Oh and, more implied shoujo-ai… man, they just LOVE to give the fans some in-between-the-lines shit don’t they?

Ja, mata ne ~


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