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Alita and Falis have a little argument and both get a little frustrated with one another. And they were doing SO well >_<. Falis is sent out to fight off some Goblins causing trouble for the kingdom. Alita is captured by Professor Akamashi and his robots and her secret of not only who she really is, but about the royal family might get out before Falis gets the chance to save her.

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Warning: Major spoilers, RETURN OF THE BUGORAMOUS!

Deep with Castle Forland, Jodo is taking a stroll in a dark, creepy-but-not-so-creepy place. He reaches some door and mentions something about how the family’s secret is safe here and no one will no of the place he’s in.

Meanwhile outside the city, the 2 dark figures are again sitting there looking at it. The smaller of the two says that it’s the bigger of the two’s turn now and then we get a red eye.

In another part of Castle Forland- the courtyard I guess- Falis is practicing her wicked-ass sword moves. Slashy slashy, she’d put a Claymore to shame I’d say. She notices someone behind her and demands to know who’s oogling. Turns out it’s Jodo. It’s obvious he’s suspicious of her but he just tells her that it must be difficult for her, being in the situation she’s in but tells her to do her best in protecting Forland.

The day after, Alita tries to wake up Falis but gets no results. She then decides to just watch her sleep. When Falis finally does get up, she’s met with Alita’s face about 3 inches away from her own- which freaks her out and she falls off the bed.

She doesn’t get why Alita’s so facinated with… well… to put it simply, herself but Alita just finds it facinating seeing her face on someone else. Falis tries to forget about it, going to take a bath.

As Falis takes her bath, she suggests Alita gets herself a guy (emphasis on the ‘guy’ to make up for all the shoujo-ai subtext in the previous scene). Alita explains that the only males she’s been close to have been family members.

Falis asks about her older brother- the true heir to the throne before he went missing on some expedition of sorts. Alita gives her the basic ‘he’s the best guy in the world’ speech complete with flashback without seeing his face. But you can already tell he’s gonna be a pretty boy.

At this point Falis has finished her bath and is having tea. But she finishes as soon as Alita finishes talking about her beloved older brother. As Falis turns to leave however, her Katana knocks over a porcelain doll on a shelf, breaking it. Alita screams so loud Jodo, Dominikov and Pete come running.

They look in on Alita and Falis arguing over the broken doll. Falis said there isn’t anything they can do now that it’s broken. Alita yells something about her not knowing how she feels. Falis agrees with that point and storms out.

Falis is pissed. She’s adorable when she’s pissed. Although, the people of Forland don’t think so. Dominikov reminds her not to scare the townspeople when they come see her in the throne room.

They tell her that a group of Goblins is terrorizing some part of the kingdom and request help from the guards. Falis sees it as an opportunity to vent some kick-ass and decides to go and take care of the goblin problem herself.

As Falis leaves, she asks Dominikov where Pete is. He tells her Pete decided to stay and comfort poor Alita. Falis gets a little more frustrated, wondering aloud whose side Pete’s really on. At this point, Dominikov comments on how things’ll be fine if she just apologizes already. Falis climbs onto his hell-bike ands demands to know wht he’s implying. Dominkov takes the hint and zooms off.

Watching them leave, Alita’s stopped crying and Jodo explains how the doll was given to her by Milano (er look-a-like that died in the first Ep). And although she’s upset about her death, she shouldn’t impose her feelings onto Falis since people can’t share memories.

Afterwards, Alita’s decided to go to the church for a little prayer and reflection time. Pete waits outside. I guess he knows girls need their space. Unfortunately for Alita, Onion-head and co. don’t. They barge in on humunogo-bugoramus and snatches Alita up. Pete bursts in to save her but Bug-man proves to be a little too much for him. Onion-head and co. manage to get away with Alita in their hands.

Elsewhere, Falis is taking care of the goblin infestation. She’s obviously kicking ass because she’s angry- and the goblins know this so they decide to run for it. Falis agrily gives chase. Dominikov comments on how she doesn’t have to kill every last one of them when they’re running away.

Jodo interrupts her venting session when he yells that Alita has been captured. I dunno if it’s because Falis is just really set on keeping her word… or has a really low attention span… or Bee Train decided to stick some more shoujo-ai subtext in… or all of the above but Falis practically drops everything and rushes off on Dominikov’s hell-bike to save her.

The captured Alita regains conciousness and finds herself tied up in an uncomfortable looking chair in an even more uncomfortable-looking room.

Onion-head and co. are standing in front of her and start demanding to know who she is. Turns out they found out that she isn’t the loyal maid she’s acting out to be. They also demand to know about some key that they’re looking for. Uh oh, Alita has a bigger secret [GASP!]

Falis is zooming along on Dominikov’s hell-bike and they catch up with Pete who is already heading to save her. They’re stopped however, by onion-heads other minions… the hellish weirder-beasts. Falis disposes of a couple of them but Dominikov tells her to go on ahead. He and Pete would take care off hellish-beasts.

Back to Alita being threatened. Yuna’s shooting bullets near her head now. Damn, that’s not safe! Ana steps up and takes off her hand revealing her arm-blade thing. Things would probably have gotten pretty ugly if Falis hadn’t barged in right then, telling them to back up off of Alita.

Ana’s impressed but won’t give any ground. Giganto-bugomon pops up outta nowhere (he looks a little metalic this time thought). Falis prepares to take him down once again.

However, Ana and Yuna remind her that they’ve still got Alita tied up and held at gun point… and knife point. Ana threatens Alita’s life but is threatened with full body breakage by Falis if she hurts Alita’s even a little bit. Awww.

Ana is scared but continues to demand for Falis to drop her weapon. Falis does, even with Alita telling her to run. Giganto-bug then gets an opening and whacks Falis away.

Meanwhile, Pete and Dominikov are still fighting there asses off but Dominikov realizes that there are too many of them and they might not be able to handle them all soon.

Back in Onion-head’s lair, Falis is still getting beat up by Bugorama. But she still won’t admit defeat. Ana’s impressed that she’d do so much for a mere maid of the royal family. Falis tells her she made a promise to someone that she’d protect the kingdom of Forland and whether it be a maid or not, she’d protect everything within it. I’m guessing Ana doesn’t really like those kinda speeches since she orders Bugasaur to kill her.

The oversized bug thing is interrupted however, when mysterious, cloaked figured jumps from above and proceeds to slash off bugasaurus’ arm, kick away Yuna’s gun and Ana’s knife and cut Alita’s bindings. He grabs her and jumps back over to where Falis is much to the irritation of Ana >_<

Alita and Falis have their moment, doing the whole gasping and saying each others name and running into one another’s arms thing. It’s all very sweet ahem, very shoujo-ai-vibe-ish. but of course, tall dark and mysterious has to interrupt. Falis turns to help fight but he tells her she’s in no condition and says to take his horse and get Alita out of the building. Falis reluctantly agrees and takes off.

Tall, dark and mysterious then takes out giant bugosaurus with a bang. A big bang actually. The entire place goes up in smoke o_O

Out of harm’s way, Alita and Falis meet up with Dominikov and Pete. The two of them look towards the fire and see tall, dark and handsome walking towards them. He removes his hood and reveals himself to be [GASP!?!?!] Alita’s older brother?!?! Oh dear, didn’t see THAT one coming o_O

I actually do find it hilarious when Falis calls him Oni-sama.

Afterwards they’re welcoming Prince Kaito back to Forland in another parade. Thankfully, there isn’t another giant bug robot to interrupt… although… a sexay woman might do the trick.

Ready? You ready for it? Ready?!?!

Additional rantings:
Kyaaaah I dunno if it’s because I play too much wow, but those goblins looked waaay too tall to me o_O. Hmm, I guess I did make too big a deal of Alita and Falis’ little argument… but it was a key part of the episode… albeit rather small one. And Kaito… Kaito is… bleh. I started reading the manga after this episode so I know a little more about him than the anime shows. The anime is taking quite a different path than the manga- which isn’t altogether bad… I hope… o_O

Next episode: ‘Exile’
The kingdom of Forland celebrate Prince Kaito’s return. Both Alita and Falis realize this might mark the end of their [COUGH] professional relationship. Onion-head and co. return, but then so does the Dark Knight and his just-as-dark companion. To make a short summary shorter, let’s just say the entire of Forland gets flipped around and turned inside out.

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