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Falis, in Princess Alita’s body, helps regain the throne. But that was the easy part. Now she has to keep it. That means behaving like the Princess and active ruler of Forland. She’s gotta learn to keep her actions in check, her mouth shut and… her stomach in her corset. It doesn’t help that after the coronation Professor Akamashi and the Robo-twins decide to start some more shit up.

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Warning: Major Spoilers, bugs, baths and corsets

Picking up where the fight left off, Falis is going all out with the barking honor and royalty stuff. She prepares to punish Onion-head with death but then Ana shouts she really, REALLY doesn’t wanna do that. Because if the Professor gets in a pinch, the other loli-robot, Yuna, goes insane and starts firing missiles out of her back everywhere where causing chaos for everyone.

After the dust settles, Alita talks to Jodo as if she’s all buddy buddy, confusing Jodo of course. Jodo then asks her who she is. Alita tells her she’s really the princess which confuses poor old-man-midget even more.

Outside, Falis, Pete and Dominikov are trying to chase down an escaping onion-head but he manages to get away with the help of the robo-loli-twins’ rocket boots.

A scream brings Falis and her minions back inside. During the fight, it appears poor Milano was caught in the crossfire. Alita weeps and apologizes for being late. Not even Falis can come up with a sarcastic remark- but then again, I don’t think she’s be THAT mean. So I won’t.

The day after, Alita gets an idea after having a moment hugging Milano’s dress from the night before.

In the Princess’ room, Falis is asleep on the bed and thank goodness she didn’t kick the blankets off. Jodo and Alita come in to wake her up. They do so (with the help of a couple dozen horns and drums) and continuously address Falis with ‘Princess’. Anyhow, Falis gets irritated and throws a fit, AND the blanket off her body. EEK

What Alita must feel feeling o_O

Falis takes a bath. Milano asks her how the water is- they engage in some small talk before getting to the serious issue of y’know… the body-switching and the kingdom running and stuff like that.

Falis tells Alita that she’s done her job and protected the kingdom but Alita disagrees. She says that the people who are trying to take over the kingdom are still alive and probably won’t stop just because of one failure. She then reminds Falis of her reward and how she’ll get Alita’s everything… whatever that is. Then there’s some like weird falling-in-the-tub-to-entice-some-traditional-bee-train-shoujo-ai-subtext-fanservice moment and yeah, s’all good.

And so the Princess training begins! Alita is fitting Falis with a corset. Alita is not happy at all. It takes away from her humungo appetite you see. She explains to her minions that she can’t even muster the will to eat. Dominikov tells her to try anyway and she does so. Of course, Uncle Jodo doesn’t approve of the way she tries to feed herself.

Elsewhere, Onion-head and Robo-lolis are preparing for another strike against Alita and company. It’s pretty much some monologue from Ana. We get a glimpse at their new toy though. It’s big, bulky and… has antennae.

After Princess training, Falis is pretty worn out- hell I’d be. She flops down on the bed, throwing off the wretched corset. How and woman could WEAR one of those things is beyond me. Alita comes in and serves tea. She notices Falis’ corset is off and throws a bit of a fit. She tells her she must wear it at all times during the coronation tomorrow.

Ooooh, big day!

ALL HAIL PRINCESS FALIS! Er… Alita! Falis gets a shiny crown on her head. Watching the coronation, Jodo asks Alita if this is really alright. Alita explains to him the pact she made with Falis. Jodo can’t do anything but agree… reluctantly.

After receiving the crown Falis seems to forget her Princess lessons and slips up a little, throwing her hands in the hair and cheering like she was at a football game or something >_> but it’s all good. Alita’s happy, so Jodo has to be too.

After the coronation there’s a parade. Everyone celebrates Alita as the new ruler of Forland. Yay! Falis realizes how much the people love ‘Princess Alita’ and comments on how Forland is a good city and is worth protecting. More happy-happy from Alita.

But that can’t be right can it? Things can’t be all happy and good forever no? Not while Onion-head and twin-robo-lolis are around. They mutter evil mutterings then release their new toy.


Falis is irritated that they interrupted her little parade and proceeds to exterminate the pest.

Ana notices that gigano-bugoramous is getting his ass kicked. (Well, DUh!) She decides to shot in a couple shots of… of… whatever it is that makes him stronger. Yuna locks and loads and sticks him in the neck and he goes crazy, knocking Falis around like a bug o_O

Falis goes down, Twin-lolis go Yay! and Onion-head remains expressionless as usual.

Giganto-bugorama turns on Alita next who’s probably still too awed at Falis’ ass-kicking that she can’t move out of the way. Pete tries to do something but Falis is already making her next move. She gets all glowy and her eyes get creepier and well- she basically pulls out all the stops and starts cutting at humungo-bug-thing like there’s not tomorrow.

Maybe some of that berserk-potion accidentally got on Falis.

Ana isn’t happy. She’s ready to fire off another berserk-potion dart. Unfortunately for them, Dominikov decides to show up and tells them there’s little insect experiment ends there. unfortunately for Dominikov, before he can go all Shinigami on their asses with his big-ass Scythe, Onion-head and co. decides to shake and drop some spray cans and disappear out of the cloudy mess.

Poor Dominikov, no action for him today.

Anyhow, in retreating, Ginganto-bug-thing eventually loses to berserk-Falis and falls. Falis doesn’t seem to think that’s enough since she’s still slashing away at it whil Pete, Jodo and Alita look on.

A citizen- a young girl- chases her dog out onto the street near the bug body. Falis jumps to attack her but Alita runs and steps between them. Luckyily, Falis regains her senses and stops short (as in like an inch short) of slicing Alita’s pretty face (well, technically it’s her pretty face but yeah).

Alita pulls Falis into a hug, telling her it’s alright now.

Later that night, Pete, Dominikov and Jodo are discussing the days events. Well, Dominikov and Jodo really, Pete’s not really the talking type I’ve gathered.

Jodo explains that Falis managed to gain the citizens’ complete trust today but also mentions that for a brief moment she did have the intent to kill both Alita and the little girl after the fight with giganto-bugomon. Basically he asks Dominikov what Falis’ deal is.

Dominikov replies with a question about how Onion-head could have gained the kind of power he has to create things like robo-lolis and humungo-bugoramuses. Jodo doesn’t answer his question… so neither does Dominikov.

In the Princess’ room, Falis is getting ready to go to sleep… clothed. She shares some idle conversation is Alita before she turns to leave. Before she goes, Alita thanks her for being so strong and protecting the kingdom and Falis tells her that she’s just keeping up her end of the bargain.

After Alita leaves, Falis flops back down on the bed and repeats Alita’s words. She turns them around and mutters about how Alita’s the strong one, not her.

Then she dozes off with a smile on her face. What? I’d be tired too, getting Princess lessons, getting crowned, parading around town, defeating giant bug-monster…

Additional rantings:
I liked yet didn’t like this episode. I mean, compared to the action in the first, gino-bugoramous seemed a big step down from angry-pissed of forest spirit (although this monster had a better name to make fun of >_>). At this point I’m starting to just get irritated whenever Onion-head and twin-robo-lolis show up- but I guess they’re there for some humor. but then again, Falis is humorous already… so… hmmm.

Next Episode: ‘Return’
Jodo and Falis have a heart to heart, Falis and Alita have a slight… disagreement. Falis gets to take out her frustration on some goblins, Alita gets to forget about her frustration when getting captured by Onion-head and robo-lolis. Enter mysterious other character from out of nowhere!

Ja, mata ne ~


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