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Murder Princess is another one of those anime that I hadn’t intended to watch but tried and found it was worth following. It’s an OVA series meaning it probably won’t run for more than 5, 6 or possibly 7 episodes. Unlike most OVA’s though, each episode is only 30 minutes long.

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A princess finds her kingdom suffering a Coup de’tat. Rebels have killed its king and she is the only present heir (her older brother is away on some mission or something). She is sent into the forest for her protection where she literally runs into a bounty hunter on the job. The two get knocked into a pretty nasty situation and fall off a cliff together. And that’s not even the bad part. The two wake up and find they’re in each other bodies.

Warning: Major spoilers, lots and lots of screens -_-

Bee Train didn’t hold back during the opening. It was slick, had a decent tune for the background. A lot of characters were featured during it so it perked my interest a little more. Plus, it made the princess looked like she could kick all ass so it worked that way too.

The episode opens with a bounty hunter taking out a pack of… werewolves? regular wolves? some weird dog-like creatures with big sharp teeth and nasty claws. She does some fancy slashy slashy with her katana making her job look like cake.

She is assisted by 2 minions. And I really mean minions since one is a Shinigami named Dominikov (death god) and the other a large… brute type thing named Pete. They manage to clear most of the wolf pack but a couple try to escape in which the bounty hunter orders her minions to pursue them.

Meanwhile, the city of Forland that the Eruru Forest surrounds is experiencing it’s own problems. The palace is under attack by rebels using weird, hellish creatures to break through the guards.

The princess is called to the main chamber or whatever by the king. He’s been injured as is practically dead. He lives long enough to tell Princess Alita that with her brother gone, she’s the only one that can succeed the throne- therefore she must live.

Her uncle… or guardian (the really short guy) Jodo, tells the princess they’ve arranged for her to escape into the forest for the duration of the rebellion. The princess reluctantly agrees and steps through a secret passage.

She is met with a maid, dressed as her in order to fool the rebels into thinking she has not left the palace. After a quick goodbye, the princess leaves the palace in the hands of Jodo and her look-a-like, Milano.

Just as Princess Alita leaves, the doors to the king’s hall is broken down and enter two gothic lolis little girls with a horde of hellish monsters at their back. They threaten to kill anyone who puts up resistance but of course the guards don’t listen. One chargest at them only to be met by a flying rocket punch from the ditachable fists one of the little girls has.

Jodo notices a scientist step into the light, Professor Akamashi- once an ally of the Forland now aparently turned against them. Tsk, the traitor. So the Captain of the guards tries his hand at Akamashi but again, little loli-robot kicks him, propelled by rocket shoes and down he goes!

She then warns them that if they don’t surrender and hand over the princess, everyone will… well… die.

Just outside the city, 2 mysterious, tall dark and- well I can’t tell whether or not they’re handsome since they’re cloaked and all but they’re standing there like they own the shit and stuff.

One of them looks pretty badass though with mega armor and such. The other SOUNDS badass with smexy, sultry voice.

Cut back to Princess Alita. She’s running her little legs off. Unfortunately she runs right into big forest spirit monstah! So she runs even more… after her personal guards have been bitten in half and then eaten and stuff.

She runs and runs and runs and runs until she runs into pretty blue-haired bounty hunter. [GASP!] The bounty hunter stops short of cutting her pretty Princess head off. She tells Princess Alita that she won’t hurt her but is interrupted when mad, angry, generally pissed-off forest spirit charges at them. Alita freaks out and basically tackles the bounty hunter off the cliff. And her expression is the same as mine (omgwtfbbq?!?!?)

As the two of them are falling… (falling to their deaths and Princess is basically asleep and bounty hunter is just gawking up at the sky o_O) they start to get all shiny and begin to resemble somewhat of a shooting star.

Below them, Dominikov and Pete wonder where the hell their master is. Pete gets a princess dropped in his arms and Dominikov takes a bounty hunter to his point little skull-i-fied head.

The ‘Princess’ wakes up and starts freaking out when she sees ‘her body’ lying in front of her on the ground. She grumbles about it before noticing she’s wearing the Princess’ clothes. OMGWTFBBQ PT. II?!?!?!

‘Princess Alita’ demands to know what’s going on (strangling Dominikov in order to get an explaination). Dominikov explains that they must have switched bodies and that there’s a saying that is two people face death together they’re souls switch.

The short conversation is cut even shorter when angry, pissed-off forest spirit interrupts them and starts growling, and howling and thrashing everywhere. The bounty hunter (in Princess Alita’s body) who I shall call Falis- since I gathered that much during the short conversation- reaches for her katana but remembers ‘oh yeah! I’m not myself’!’ and is forced to jump away from attacking monstah.

At this point Princess Alita- who is in Falis’ body (I’ll address her as ‘Alita’) regains consciousness and is greeted by angry forest spirit’s roar. She freaks out and catches the attention of Falis who asks for her Katana. Alita has her omgwtfbbq moment and hesitates before doing much. She finally snaps out of it and tosses Falis her sword after which Falis swiftly dispatches angry, pissed-off monstah.

Alita is tres impressed.

I think there’s a pretty cool episode divider around here…

The conversation about soul/body switching continues and Dominikov explains in better detail the how and what of the freaky deaky.

Alita then gets on her knees and proceeds to apologize for the mess she’s got everyone in. What a nice Princess- bowing before someone she doesn’t know… well, it IS herself but… not really… nvm, ignore that.

Alita then begs Falis to help her retake her kingdom. Falis almost immediately refuses (s’lika what?! You’re in the Princess’ body… wtf are you gonna do? where you gonna go?). But Alita tells her that if she helps, Falis (and her minions) will get whatever reward they desire and uses Falis’ body as collateral.

Eventually, Falis agrees, saying she’ll figure out what to do about their bodies later.

After they leave the area, the 2 mysterious figures appear again, commenting on how the Princess has made some pretty strong new friends.

One of them then whips out some flashy (no pun intended) wand device thing and proceeds to burn the carcass of angry monstah.

While back in the palace, the two robo-lolis and their mad scientist master find out ‘Princess Alita’ isn’t really Princess Alita at all. Oh shit, now they’re really screwed…

But no worries, Falis and the Princess are on their way. Speeding towards the Palace on Dominikov’s hell-bike thing (damn that thing is cool). There’s some small talk but I really don’t remember what about…

I do remember Falis telling Dominikov to go faster and then screaming like a wild woman. Actually, Alita was screaming too… just it was more of a daintly, damsel in distress then mad, cray bounty-hunter in blood-lust.

Back in the palace, Mad scientist has taken the throne… literally… like, he’s sitting on it now. But he won’t be on there for long since Falis and company burst through with their flashy, skid-to-a-stop-on-flaming-hell-bike entrance.

Anna (the more brash of the two twin lolis) isn’t happy about the interruption but is pleased to see the ‘Princess’ has come back to the palace willingly. She orders the hellish monster minions to attack but Alita easily cuts through them.

Dominikov and Pete get their licks in too. Dominikov with his spinny-blade attack thing and Pete with his… big, bulky hands.

Jodo is surprised at how the Princess is so… non-Princess-y. Ana is just… irritated that she won’t go down so she takes matters into her own little robot-dettachable hands.

She proves to be too slow however, when Falis easily manages to slash and disable her, leaving her unable to move on the ground.

Falis then walks up to Akamashi (Onion-head as she nick-named him the first second she saw him) and tells him that he’s in her seat. By now he’s pretty convinced she isn’t really Princess Alit but Falis refuses to let anything slip. She unceremoniously tosses him off the throne before making some honored speech about how she is her father’s daughter and the true ruler of Forland- and she back to rule over it and kick ass!

Jodo’s like ‘UWAAAAAH?!?!’ and Alita’s like ‘ZOMG I AM SO TOTALLY COOLZ!!!’

The ending credits come up and the ED song is by none other than Falis herself (a.k.a Paku Romi-sama). It’s nice and flowery- it kinda reminded me of the ‘Venus Versus Virus’ opening only less with the sucky and more with the nice yellow tone of color. It ends with a pretty picture too ^_^

Additional Rantings:
Like I mentioned before, I really didn’t expect TOO much from this anime but as soon as I saw Falis, Dominikov and Pete in the first 3 minutes or so it was like ‘uwwaaaaaah’… Plus it’s animated by Bee Train so I knew at least it would be eye-candy ^_^ I think the story is pretty interesting. not ENTIRELY original but it works. I’m also pretty happy that it’s not overy stupid but has some pretty funky characters (the gothic lolis may be a little much but Alita and Falis make up for EVERYTHING). What can I say, I’m a sucker for sword-wielding females, blonde hair and red eyes >_<

The individual rants for ‘Murder Princess’ might be a little longer than most. I dunno why but even with the same run-time that regular series’ episodes, it still seems longer than others so… yeah.

Next Episode: ‘Crowning’
Jodo and Alita have a plan to cover for the whole soul-switching fiasco. The gothic-loli twins and Onion-head are still plotting to take over the kingdom. Falis gets to wearing a pretty tiara… and a corset o_O

Ja, mata ne ~


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